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Psychic, Soul, & Mediumship Readings

Not sure what type of reading to book? While Spirits guide us to the right type of readings at the right time, it can be confusing.

The more relaxed and open you are, the stronger the connection will be. All readings are done intuitively and guided by Spirit. I will bring forward messages from the Spirit (s) I am most connected to at the time of your reading.

Psychic Readings

As my Spirit Guides and I connect to your energy, we will first validate the connection by confirming any imbalances in your chakras as well as tension or sensations in your body that you are experiencing at this time.

As we connect, we will bring forward any messages we receive from your Spirit Guides or Higher Self.

Mediumship Readings 

After establishing the connection, we will connect to your deceased loved ones confirming their identity and relaying their messages. 

In Mediumship readings, we connect with the Spirit (s) that we are "meant" to hear from at the time. If you are looking to hear from a specific person, please bring a photo of them to your session.

Spirit Guide Readings 

Have you ever experienced signs and synchronicities? We all have a team of guides who assist us on our life paths here on Earth. Each guide is an expert in a specific topic assisting us in that part of our journey.

After establishing our connection, we will connect to your Spirit Guides,  discussing their role along with intimate details. Details included vary but can include appearance, name, and/or methods of relaying messages and connecting with you. 

*Please note that mediumship readings are not suggested immediately after losing a loved one. While mediumship readings help us heal, if it is too soon, it can disrupt the grieving process.*

*Readings will only be provided to clients 18+. All sessions are kept private and confidential.*

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