What is Grounding & How do I do it?


The ground is known as an infinite source of electrons that can give or receive electrons from an object that is said to be charged in order to neutralize it or remove the excess energy or electrical charge.


Spiritual grounding is when we connect (our consciousness) to the ground to remove the excess emotional energy or neutralize the emotional charge. This allows the “electrical” current to flow through our root chakra as we bring our attention back to our physical aspect reconnecting our consciousness to the Earth’s frequency.

How does this happen in the first place?

Our consciousness is made up of many aspects, the main aspects are:






When our focus and attention is imbalanced, our consciousness becomes imbalanced. As we are out of balance, we may begin to feel:

  1. Nervous

  2. Anxious

  3. Indecisive

  4. Confused

  5. Drained

  6. Overwhelmed

  7. Chaotic

  8. Rushed

  9. Fearful

  10. Unsafe

This is a conditioned response that we usually start as child when we experience trauma. It can lead us to practices such as fantasizing, dwelling on the past, focusing only on the future, and even focusing on what we thought our life should be like, what we could have done differently or what if. If we continue to go to these conditioned responses, we continue to disconnect from the physical aspect of ourselves staying “stuck.”

How to get “un-stuck” through grounding

The most well-known and traditional way to ground is to walk around barefoot in the grass, sand or mud a.k.a. the earth.


Tree Roots

Trees are connected to the Earth through their roots.

Imagine yourself as a tree with roots growing from the bottoms of our feet. As the roots grow deep into the ground moving through the many layers of the soil they grow down into the bedrock, forming a solid foundation. Then imagine the energy shooting up from the Earth into our bodies, flowing freely and effortlessly combining with the energy we receive from the Universe or Spirit above us.


Another popular way to ground is to imagine strings coming from the bottom of our feet going deep into the innermost layers of the Earth. At the other end of the string, imagine a heavy anchor, like from a boat. If it helps, you can imagine the anchor going deep into the ocean or water and landing at the bottom of the ocean floor. Then you can imagine the energy shooting up from our feet and flowing through the rest of our body again combining with the energy we receive from above.

Red Light

The red light is symbolic of your Root Chakra which is our base chakra. The root chakra or Muladhara is our foundation, stability. It is balanced when have all of our basic needs met; including emotional needs. Physically it is located in the perineum. It extends from the base of our spine through the pelvic floor.

You can use a physical red light as many mediums do, but you can also visualize a red light surrounding and merging with your energy.


Guided mediations can help us reconnect but they can also lead us to feel even less grounded. Recommended guided mediations are chakra balancing and mediations specifically labelled, “grounding.”

Self-led mediations can be helpful using visualizations such as those mentioned. You can also imagine yourself in a safe space such as a cottage, house, or a castle. When you sense that you are there, take note of everything around you in detail using all of your senses.


Use your senses to bring you back to the present by remembering the rule of five, 5-4-3-2-1.

5 things you can SEE.

4 things you can TOUCH.

3 things you can HEAR.

2 things you can SMELL.

1 thing you can TASTE.


Begin with slow and deep breaths. Count to five as you inhale and count to five as you exhale. Do this five times and see how you feel.

Awareness of your breath, belly breathing, slowing down your breath, and other forms of mindfulness are also helpful practices.