Spirit Guides: Who are they? A brief overview

Many people have reached out recently asking for information on Spirit Guides, so I thought I would share this information with those interested. Whether it is conscious or subconscious, we all communicate with our Spirit Guides and have been for a long time. Below is a combination of information I have learned from workshops, private mentoring, and from communicating with my guides.

Remember when communicating with your guides and building a relationship to treat them how you wish to be treated. Spirit Guides are not just here to help us with mediumship or giving messages. They are spiritual beings just like us. It is important to build a relationship and to treat them as a close friend, not just to call on them when we need something.

Who are my Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides make up a team that guides us in our day to day lives here on Earth in order to reach ascension. Our Spirit guides have lived many lives on Earth enabling them to be qualified to guide us in our journey. We have guides on our Inner Band and our Outer Band.

Inner Band

Our Inner band consists of 7 main guides that help us learn the lessons we need to learn, stay on the correct path, and eventually assist us in connecting with our Divine purpose. Spirit Guides in our Inner Band have lived many lives here on Earth or in multiple realms similar to this one so they can relate to the human experience. Our Inner Band of Spirit Guides are with us from birth and help us transition into the Spirit world once we have left our physical bodies. This means that our Inner band of Spirit guides consists of Spiritual beings that may have lived past lives with us but have not lived on Earth during our current incarnation. Our guides often position themselves on a specific side and sometimes even a specific position in order to help us identify their roles and identities. Each guide corresponds and works with a specific chakra.

Protector Guide

The Protector Guide or Guardian is with us at all times. While other guides develop a close relationship with us, this guide knows us the best because they never leave our side. Their job is to keep us safe in mind, body, and spirit throughout all timelines and all realities including the astral and physical plane. Our Protector guides usually have personalities and characteristics similar to our own as they connect with us so closely and often cloak our energies while guiding us through the many obstacles that we encounter. The Protector Guide stands in front or behind us identifying and working mainly with our root chakra.


Our Gatekeeper always stands in front of us. Gatekeepers appear to us usually as strong powerful men such as warriors. While they appear stoic and fierce, they wish no one harm and do not encourage violence of any kind, but encourage peace instead. When we begin working with energy and developing our mediumship abilities, our Gatekeeper is responsible for guarding us when we open up for spiritual work. Our Gatekeeper only allows certain entities of the light. They keep away all negative or lower vibrational entities. Gatekeepers also guard our bodies during Trance or Physical Mediumship. Our Gatekeeper is the guide that assists us in entering Earth and in transitioning home into the Spirit world.

Chemist (Healer Guide)

The Chemist or Healer Guide usually appears a doctor, a healer, or a Medicine man or woman. They can change our chemistry to help our mind, body, and spirit to stay in alignment. As our chakras and auras come to balance, they help us develop spiritually. Chemist guides work with us in developing our psychic and healing abilities by working as an alchemist with the chemistry in our bodies helping us raise our vibrations and awareness. While they cannot interfere when we have illnesses, they can encourage faster recovery and help reduce pain or stress. The Chemist appears on our left side but moves around our auric field. They identify and focus mainly on our sacral chakra.

Joy Child (Joy Guide)

The Joy Child often appears to us as a small child, a fairy, or a young adult in appearance. Joy Guides, like all Spirit guides have lived many lives and are more than well equipped to guide us even though they can appear as young children. This guide moves around a lot and can be found anywhere in your energy field. They are very high energy, coming to us when we are feeling low vibrational such as lonely, sad, or lost. Joy Guides often use trickery to help us find the joy and humour in life. Common things they may do are hide objects or keys, manipulate electronics, or just influence us to be light hearted. Our Joy Guide helps us find balance between our responsibilities and roles as a human being on Earth. They identify and focus mainly on our solar plexus chakra.

Dr. Teacher/Dr. of Philosophy (Philosopher Guide)

The Dr. of Philosophy appears to us usually as a wise teacher, doctor, scholar, or professor who helps us gain broader perspectives and assist us in any type of study or course we undertake. Rather than solving our problems, they lead us to finding the answers on our own. These guides challenge our ethics and morals to change our unhealthy habits, mindsets, and beliefs into healthy ones. They have an immense knowledge base in all healing modalities and help us with our journeys as healers if we choose to undertake that responsibility. The Dr. of Philosophy stands on our right side identifying and focusing mainly on our heart chakra.

Sister of Mercy (Guide of Compassion)

Sisters of Mercy usually appear to us as nuns or monks which is why many people now refer to them as the Sister of Mercy. The Sister of Mercy encourages us to develop empathy for ourselves and others. They assist us with empowerment, self-worth, and ultimately self-care. As we work with our Sister of Mercy to develop these traits, they assist us in serving others in accordance with our Divine path and purpose. The Sister of Mercy appears to us on our right side moving around in our auric field, identifying and focusing mainly on our throat chakra.

High Priest-Priestess (Guide of Light)

The High Priest (ess) assists us with life lessons. They help us identify the things, people, and situations we need to let go of in order to leave the past behind and move forward in our spiritual journey. The High Priestess works with us when doing ceremonies, rituals, and ministerial work. They appear to us as men or women often with a background as a priest, minister, or spiritual leader. The High Priestess helps us become spiritual influencers by staying on course, walking the right path, and fulfilling our Divine purpose. The High Priestess stands on our left side moving around in our auric field, identifying and focusing on our third eye chakra.

Master Teacher

The Master Teachers are Spiritual Masters and oversee the team of guides that works with us. Our Master Teacher has much more experience living as a Spiritual Master here on Earth for many lifetimes before they ascended and took on this role. They usually appear to us as elders or Spiritual masters not to be confused with those we refer to as Ascended Masters. The Master Teacher stands behind us slightly above the other guides identifying and focusing mainly on our Crown chakra.

Outer Band

The Outer band of guides are a combination of deceased loved ones and guides that come in temporarily to help us learn new skill or obtain specific knowledge. Since they are not with us for our full incarnation here on Earth, they are not considered a part of our Inner Band. Ascended Masters also work with us temporarily and can be considered a part of our Outer Band as they are not devoted to only one specific individual for their life span.

Spirit Guides vs. Angels

Spirit Guides have lived many lives on Earth and other astral planes. Angels have never lived on Earth and are a different type of entity. In other words, they have never been human and will not reincarnate as a human. Angels vibrate at a much higher level than humans and Spirit Guides.

Signs & Synchronicities

While we don’t consciously connect with our Spirit Guides we have been subconsciously communicating with them since birth. As we continue to follow our intuition and awaken to our spiritual senses also known as the clairs, we become more sensitive to their vibrations and more aware of their presence and communication.

It is important to remember that Spirit Guides often communicate subtly through our spiritual senses or “Clairs” including, but not limited to Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience/Clairempathy, Clairvoyance, Clairtaction/Clairtangency, Clairalience/Clairscentence, and Clairgustance.

When we don’t make time to clear our minds and connect or we are too busy with our day to day tasks, we can miss the signs and synchronicities. When we do miss them or choose to ignore them, they communicate with us in ways that manifest in the physical much like deceased loved ones.

Some alternate ways in which our Spirit Guides communicate with us are dreams, coins, symbols, and songs. Our guides often use a combination of ways to communicate with us and continue to communicate in ways we are most receptive. Remember there is no right or wrong way to communicate with your guides. When you release the doubt and move past the fear of being wrong, you can truly sit back and enjoy the journey!

*I am now doing 1-on-1 sessions with those that are interested in spiritual development. The first session is free! Each session is tailored to your specific needs. Please consult with me beforehand to ensure it is a good fit for both of us. All sessions are done online through Zoom or Facebook Messenger (video). Sessions include information sharing, meditation, and exercises to try on your own at home.*

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