Rituals to do on Your own for the Full Moon

There has always been something mysterious about the full moon. People often joke about superstitions, hexes, and bouts of bad luck in the days leading to the full moon. The moon itself has symbolism and importance in many cultures around the world.

What does the full moon symbolize?

● Fullness & Wholeness

● Completion

● Power & Empowerment

● Clarity & Truth

What does this mean for us?

● Increased Intuition & Psychic Senses

● Amplified Emotions

Common terms used for full moon ceremonies.


With the energy of completion, we can reap the benefits of our hard work.

Shadow Work

Belief systems, habits, patterns, coping skills and anxieties that are holding us back or blocking us are often hard for us to see like a shadow.


Once we identify what we wish to let go of, we can surrender it to the Universe to make room for new things to come into our life.

Why should I do full moon rituals when there is no concrete proof that they work?

My answer: Why not? There is no concrete proof that they do not work!

Below are some of my favourite rituals for the full moon. Enjoy!

Rituals & Ceremonies

It is helpful to start each ceremony by imagining the light of the moon surrounding you in addition to an invocation or prayer. To end the ceremony, you can repeat a prayer or simply an ending such as, “And so it is done.”

A candle is another way of invoking the light and of opening and closing (blowing out the candle). You can also use herbs and/or incense to promote the clearing of your space and to power your intentions. Use your intuition or research what colour candle and what herbs may be best for you at this time.

*Remember none of these ceremonies will work if you do not resonate with it. Find out what works best for you. Getting too stuck in your head or in the details can take away from the experience. Contrary to popular belief, there is no wrong way as long as you follow your heart and hold the energies of love and gratitude.

Burn & Release

1. Write down the part of yourself that you wish to release.

2. Burn the paper in a fireproof bowl until it turns to ash.

3. Blow the ash into the wind or bury it into Mother Earth with gratitude.

Mantras & Affirmations

1. Create a mantra or intention.

2. Write it down.

3. Repeat it 10 times (10 = Completion)

4. Repeat “And so it is done.”

Optional: Place your intention or an object representing your intention on the windowsill on the night of the full moon along with an object representing you and/or with your moon water.

Moon Water

1. Fill copper or glass (amber or clear) bottles or jars with drinking water and place it in the windowsill on the night of the full moon. Drink some of this water in the morning when you wake up.

Optional: Place objects or crystals with intentions on or in the water and/or repeat the intention while you are pouring the water for an extra boost. You can also add herbs to infuse your water such as Rose for extra doses of love.

Moon Tea

1. Choose an herb/herbs that best represents your intention. You can use your intuition, ask your spirit guides, or research based on what your intention is.

2. Concentrate on your intention while you brew your tea.

3. Repeat your intention and declare it so when you are finished drinking it.

Moon Bath

1. Choose an herb that best represents your intention. You can use your intuition, ask your spirit guides, or research based on what your intention is.

2. Concentrate on your intention while you simmer or steep it in hot water and add the "tea" to the bath. Or you can add the herbs directly to you bath as you draw it.

3. Repeat your intention and focus on your breath as you bathe.

4. Sit in the bath until it has fully drained.

5. Express gratitude and declare your intention complete.

I hope this post inspires you to try some of these fun rituals on your own or with friends to amplify the energies. Wishing you love and light!